lipstick-wearers for mccain/palin?

i know this is kind of beside the point of this blog, but...

i promised the masters of this website i would pass on info about their ridiculous and infuriating policy of donating $1 to the mccain/palin campaign for every one of these hideous lipsticks sold, so here is my passing on of said info.

i know it's small potatoes, but these people present themselves as environmentalists, yet intend to make donations to that campaign based on sales of "power pink" lipstick, which is apparently perfect for sarah palin while it also "celebrates the many faces of women as girlfriends, wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and even vice presidents."

if you should feel so inclined (as i did), please contact them and let them know how paradoxical it is that they purport to be concerned environmentalists yet are supporting candidates who are anything but.

for reference, the league of conservation voters' most recent scorecard gives john mccain a ZERO percent on environmental voting. couple that with palin's views that global warming is not the result of human activity, polar bears should be removed from the endangered species list, and her gung-ho attitude towards drilling in ANWR and there's pretty clear evidence that these two do not "offer a very balanced policy on the safety of our environment, both for now and for the changes that need to be made in the future," which harry maddox (i'm assuming the husband of pamela cronan-maddox, who runs the alchemist's apprentice website) said they had concluded after doing "a great deal of research."

sorry to go on. it just really pisses me off.
thanks for reading...and for writing to them, should you so choose.


about using cookbooks.

a reason to read the recipe fully and carefully before you start making food:
if you don't, you will finish prepping everything before you realize it takes 75 minutes to cook.

a reason not to read the recipe fully and carefully before you start making food:
you will not realize it takes 75 minutes to cook and therefore not be swayed away from making maple-mustard-glazed potatoes and string beans (VwaV). holy tuesday, batman!

crappy picture, but that's what happens when your dinner has to cook until ~9PM.