happy red velvet day!

yesterday was my friend and favorite new baby mama sheila's birthday, so i made her a red velvet cake to commemorate it.
it started off as a 2-layer cake, but i wasn't satisfied with the height so i doubled it. jesus, it was really tall! i used this recipe and it turned out really awesome. the only issue i have is that my crazy old oven has two settings, off and 500°F, so i always end up with slightly overdone edges. i don't know how i got any cupcake testing done in that thing. i guess the smaller cakes/shorter cook times were more forgiving.

(the superbly amateur cake decorating was at once fun and anxiety-inducing, last-minute as it was.)

no inside shot because we ate at a korean restaurant (sura: the king's meal) on 9th street that was lovely inside but very dark. i had a deliciously spicy kimchi stone bowl bibimbop that was perfect for a cold, cold night. again, no pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it that it was not only delicious but also beautifully served, sizzling in a giant hot black stone bowl.


Liz said...

Looks yummy! I solved some slightly crispy cakes edges last night by putting the cake layers in the portable cake tupperware container for about 20 minutes when the cake was still warm. This helped the moisture redistribute and the edges were nice and soft.

amy said...

thanks for the tip, liz!
everything was okay once it got frosted and i don't mind a little bit of crispiness.
i do LOVE my oven...is it too much to ask for everything in the world to be perfect?!