nice pair.

it always makes me super happy when i'm out with the dogs and a passerby says something nice about them. big dogs and pit bulls don't always elicit pleasantries, i've found, particular not in my neck of the woods; it's the rare stranger who recognizes and acknowledges their awesomeness!
while raja is stuck in seemingly perpetual puppyhood, milo continues to age (relatively) gracefully. at almost 13 years old, he's as beautiful as ever and his gentle nature remains unchanged. i have seen the advancing years take their effect on his body, though, and am ever conscious that he won't be with me forever. though i'm pretty confident he'll see another birthday, i sometimes wonder whether he's experiencing his lasts. and even though i don't expect him to leave me in the immediate future, it is really nice when a stranger passes along a compliment - about either of my boys, but particularly the oldest man.

when we were out walking tonight, a woman passed us and said simply: "nice pair."
i had to laugh because it sounded kind of inappropriate and perverse, but it really was such a sweet thing to say. she was so right on.


pavotrouge said...

they are adorable. I never understand why most people only rave about the "cute" teensy dogs. *sigh* I miss living with dogs.

magpie said...

so adorable :) i miss my doggies.

Isa said...

Cuties! I can't believe little baby Milo is an old man. That must...make us...old men?!

Bard said...

I think the reason it sounded a little inappropriate when the lady said "nice pair" is cos it sounds like she could have been talking about your boobs.

Everybody's pets are getting so old. If we'd had kids instead they'd be in junior high already.