using cookbooks.

katie said we need to use our cookbooks more and i think that's a right-on idea. i've really only made select dishes from any of my cookbooks and i know there are some gems within that remain hidden to me. time to start digging.

recipes to try in the next couple weeks, all from vegan with a vengeance:
1. baking powder biscuits and white bean gravy.
2. potato-asparagus soup
3. mango summer rolls
4. tempeh-mango salad sammiches
5. brooklyn pad thai
6. strawberry-rhubarb-peach pie

i'll do a few here, during my last week of vacation in florida, and a couple when i get back to NYC.


Anonymous said...

try that pad thai, it's dope.

B36Kitchen said...

i love the baking powder biscuits. i've never made the tempeh-mango sammiches. i think i'll try them out this week.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Geez, I was going to say what anonymous said. But I'd say it's like crack. It's so addictive.