things i love this summer #1

i am all about cold drinks, even when it's not a million degrees in the shade.
during the summertime in south florida, however, it IS a million degrees in the shade, so i am even more emphatically about them.

the only place i'd found near my mom's place in delray beach that even stocks soymilk is starbucks. and they've always used vanilla soymilk, which i have NEVER understood, but at least they used to use silk. now they've switched over to some new, i think proprietary brand, which is reason number 3847532 why starbucks is not the move.

one day, i wandered into the coffee district on NE 2nd avenue and found what i'd been missing. the folks that work there are super nice and when i ordered my soy iced mocha, the barista asked if i wanted vanilla or plain soymilk. i'm not going to lie, i might have shed a tear of gratitude into my coffee.

my one complaint is that they give you a cup wrapper for cold drinks. wtf?

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roguewoman said...

Be glad that Starbucks stopped using Silk soymilk because Silk stopped using organic soybeans. They have quietly gone to non-organic (read: GMO) beans since they were purchased by Dean Foods in 2002. (I'm no fan of Starbuck's btw.)
Glad you found a place with a choice of soymilks! Hope you've invested in a reusable mug for your icy yumminess.