eat your veggies, brats!

i tested joanna's beer brats tonight and they changed my life.
steamed seitan sausages, pioneered by julie hasson, is so incredible. combine the great texture with joanna's knack for flavoring (and a palate that sees eye-to-eye with mine - never mind the nonsensical nature of that metaphor) and you wind up with logs of straight genius. i tried one tonight, grilled for a few minutes on the stovetop and slathered with brown mustard, and it was phenomenal. rumor has it they're even better when cooled and reheated. i can't imagine.

i was hanging out with handsome william a couple weeks ago and he was eating some mixed veg for dinner. i have to admit i snuck a few bites (taking veggies from babies?!) and realized i haven't been including enough produce in my diet. so i sliced and steamed some carrots and quick-cooked some peas + corn to serve with my seitan and dare i say they rivaled the star of the plate. i will never understand people who claim to not like vegetables.

the final great thing about this dinner is that it will make my, indeed would make any, mother proud!


Susie said...

Oh my god. I just this moment finally realized what the name of your blog is referencing. I have no idea why I only realized today, either.

I feel especially clueless now.

And I like your carrots.

Cherie said...

I think I'm goign to have to make those for my boyfriend! Thanks for the suggestion.

Oh.....corn is a grain and peas are a legume, not vegetables. :p

amy said...

i took a botany class in college.
when i talk about my food, i use the generic "vegetables."


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Great dinner!

lili11 said...

Love veggie ...