denver: i went. i ate. i left, albeit begrudgingly.

denver is such an awesome city. i truly fell in love with it when i visited. and i feel like there is a real sense of historic pride in lots of denver merchants, which i found really endearing. lots of pictures and postcards of old denver and even (at watercourse) murals depicting colorado folk tales acted out by animals. i can't wait to go back.

the first restaurant i visited was watercourse foods, where i shared a meal with lots of lovely friends, new and old. isa, john & i shared the blackened tofu caesar salad:

and then i tucked into the fried artichoke hearts po'boy, with sides of steamed greens and onion rings that were otherworldly good:

after lunch, SWEET ACTION! the creamiest, best vegan ice cream i've ever had. they always have a couple of vegan flavors and i tried both - colorado peach and chocolate:

i attended a superfun wedding with tons of great vegan food and the next day went to watercourse's southwest counterpart, city, o' city. i had a few seitan wings:

and the sherman, a great sandwich made with dry-rubbed bbq tofu, cole slaw, and pickle relish. also, perfectly salty and kind of greasy fries.

wolfe's barbeque is something of a denver institution, i gather, and although it's mostly meaty bbq, wolfe (who singlehandedly runs the place) also serves bbq tofu and vegetarian bbq beans. so i tried both:

i went back to watercourse for dinner. country-fried seitan, mashed potatoes, and mixed veg make for the perfect comfort food. i only wish the seitan had been fried in a pan, not a fryer. but who am i to complain?

finally, my last and most favorite food in all of denver (thus far) - the vegan bánh mì from the steamin' demon, watercourse/city, o' city's food cart. tempeh bacon, chipotle aioli, jalapeño, cucumber, sprouts, pickled daikon & carrots, and cilantro = a recipe for satisfaction. i ate this right before driving out to the rockies, where my love for colorado was cemented.

i'll be back, colorado. you can bank on it.


Sarah said...

Hello. I'm Sarah, the GM of City, O' City. Ran in to your blog, as these things happen. I'm also a math geek and a foodie, and I too have a blog, albeit definitely not vegan. It's called Eat Colfax, on Blogger, perhaps you'd find the reading enjoyable. Anyway, just wanted to say I'm so glad you enjoyed our grub, and say hi next time you're in town!

amy said...

thanks for commenting, sarah! i know it's kind of obvious, but i LOVE city, o' city! and also am totally smitten with denver, so i will definitely back to say hello and might even be back to say hello over and over again, on a more permanent basis.

it'd be awesome to already know one math geek and food lover there! totally going to check out your blog now.

jodye @ 'scend food said...

Wow, your trip looks full of great vegan food. Good thing you remembered to take pictures before you ate.. I can never seem to remember that crucial step of being a food blogger! I'm definitely going to have to find and excuse to go to Denver now!

John McDevitt said...

Pig out!!!

Bert said...

Great photographs, food looks delicious! And the title of the blog kills me every time I see it; huge Big Lebowski fan.

disneyfav4ever said...

That food looks delicious. I wish I had a vegan, or even vegetarian restaurant like that in my area.

linanil said...

Nice! I moved from Denver prior to going vegan and I keep meaning to go back for a visit but it never happens.

mamarati said...

Seitan wings? Those look incredible!