veganmofo #1: what a goddamn failure.

i had grand plans, i think, floating around in my head.

and then i got super tired and had a crummy yoga class and came home and was FAMISHED, so i threw some whole wheat bowties in a pot of boiling water and set to mixing up a bunch of junk to toss it with. having just recently made a fairway trip, i had a one-pound container of some artichokes (and garlic), sundried tomatoes (and garlic), and spicy olives (without garlic). i pulsed it a little bit and left it kind of chunky, then tossed the pasta with it.

i might have been bitter from my shitty workday ending, but it tasted like crap. i feel like i need to make up for it tonight, but first i've got to sleep on it.


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That's always the worst!

Bonnie said...

Oh no, that sucks when other stuff gets in the way of something you really want to do.
I hope you can get some rest and then get to make something you love!

Patrick B. said...

Great blog name. I know the reference. TBL rules.