veganmofo #2: mushroom & artichoke risotto!

i pretty much guilted myself into making some food tonight so i could do a veganmofo post. despite the fact that i have lesson plans to write, quizzes to grade, grad school to study for, and sleep to get, i decided on time- and energy-consuming risotto.

a few months back, i had a lovely french couchsurfer named johann stay with me. he cooked me artichoke risotto, which apparently is the only thing he really knows how to cook, and it was amazing. it took a little coaxing and reassuring to convince him that it would be just fine if he made it vegan - and without wine, which he acted like was a sacrilege - but he admitted that the end result was the best risotto he'd ever made. i'm head-over-heels for mushrooms and i just picked up a few varieties this weekend, so i thought i'd make use of them in my inappropriately late dinner tonight.

i used a tyler florence recipe mainly for fundamental amounts, since i've never made risotto before, veganizing and de-wining (only because i never have wine in my house, as i'm not a fan) it, and made do with what i had in the kitchen. so, green onions, creminis, shiitakes, added artichokes, etc.

i planned a lesson while the risotto was cooking and i ended up with a whole whack of food, which is fantastic because my meals have veered toward the sad side lately. i think my risotto is a little mushy (i guess i cooked it on heat that was too low?) but it's lovely and creamy and comforting. just the kind of thing i need after the day i've had.

now i'm settling in to eat and get a little work done and furiously refresh election 2010 results. i have my fingers crossed for you, harry reid.

(p.s. suck it, christine o'donnell.)


vegan.in.brighton said...

Risotto's the first thing I ever learnt to make vegan and as you've done here I always leave out the wine!

affectioknit said...

YUM! I love risotto! Yours looks delicious!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That risotto looks super good!

I'm just really glad Meg Whitman didn't win and California elected a helluva lot of Democrats.

phoenix said...

Yum! I'm practically licking the screen right now.
Happy MoFo! :D

jinx said...

Haha...soooo many guys know how to make JUST ONE dish. At least it was a good one, not like "beer marinated steak with veal sauce".

jodye @ 'scend food said...

Your risotto looks wonderful! I rarely ever take the time to make risotto, but whenever I do the effort is well worth it. As we all know, food is exponentially more important than work

starwind777 said...


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Jen said...

i don't think i've ever made risotto. must try soon.

Mandee said...

Yes please! I love mushroom risotto so I can only assume mushroom AND asparagus would be even better!