(meyer) lemon artichoke pesto.

i'm the world's least reliable tester, but this is one of the recipes i did test for joanna's yellow rose recipes. i'm in the early stages of being sick and didn't really feel like cooking, but wanted to make use of some meyer lemons i got this weekend. well, this was the perfect dish. it's got a really bright flavor and is so easy to throw together you don't even really feel like you're cooking when you make it.

i cooked at around 10PM tonight and i always feel kind of bad when i use my food processor after 9 or so, because it sounds like it's powered by a jet engine. i temper that by remembering the regular percussive onslaught i get from my upstairs neighbor's drum machine and the inane TV chatter that pipes through the closet between my kitchen and living room. and also, i only ever use it for a few minutes, so if someone wanted to complain i'd likely be done processing by the time they got to my door. still, 2008 is my year of increased compassion, so it bothers me regardless.


trina said...

That looks so good. I am now sold on that cookbook.

Anonymous said...

No recipe!

And if the suffering is assumed and not confirmed, then it's just anxiety, not compassion.