m*a*s*h: christmas v2.0

my mom gave me an awesome double-sided griddle/grill pan for christmas last year. alas, my stove is too small to season it in, so i didn't get it ready for use until i visited last month. i finally got to use it tonight to grill up some tofu. it needs about a hundred more break-in meals before it's perfect, but so far, so good!

i'm considering maybe trying to have potatoes a new way every day this year, but i wonder if there are 365 ways to eat potatoes. tonight, i combined them with my most recent food infatuation: celeriac. that sweetened the mash up a little and also made it taste sort of pea-like. (which i realized only after i'd made peas to accompany it!) i'm finding that there are people out there who are totally anti-celeriac, which is unfortunate, in my eyes. it's an ugly root, no doubt, and may not be the most versatile of foods, but it's got character and i admire that. there's a little bitterness, a little celery-ish flavor (though not, i don't think, really "celery"), and wikipedia says it's been termed a "rastafarian turnip," which alone is enough to put it among my favorite root vegetables. i'm looking into all sorts of ways to prepare it and have found soups and mashes and slaws; sometimes it's paired with apples or pears, in keeping with its seasonal nature.

anyway, if you haven't given celeriac a go, i suggest you do. and i'm not just saying that because i'm the vice chair of the UN celeriac consumption committee. go ahead. you know you want to.

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