veganmofo #2: my vegan achilles heel.

i'm sure i've gone years without eating a single marshmallow.
now that sweet & sara's are readily available, though, i'm helpless against my cravings for sweet little puffy pillows. so hooked am i that it seems perfectly reasonable that i had a marshmallow for breakfast today, then finished off what was left of the tiny $7 package of vanillas i bought only 24 hours ago.
washed down with a beer.

had i the energy or inclination, i might strive to supplement the day's meals with foods that fall outside the realm of dessert ingredients.
had i another package of marshmallows, however, i'd be fast on my way to a killer stomachache.

is it just because regular marshmallows aren't vegan that these things have become so prized?


IsaChandra said...

I think they actually taste better than the cow skin kind of marshmallow. I don't remember them being as fluffy and toothsome. But what do I know?

kittee said...

Since these are not "readily available" in New Orleans, I had Jeff bring me some from Cosmo's in Atlanta. I ate them for breakfast, every day that they lasted. I'd stand over the gas flame with one or two on a fork. Then me and dazee got in a fight, cuz I ate them allz.


Bex said...

I still haven´t tried these. I should get around to order them.

evestirs said...

i want to try these but... 7 bucks! yeesh!

Kati said...

Don't believe these are sold 'round these parts...probably a good thing given my weakness for sugar-meal-replacements.

Bethany said...

I love the ones covered in toasted coconut. I limit myself to 1 per day if i have them. I have also made rice crispy treats w/ the plain ones. delicious.

strangely, not in hot cocoa yet. i will have to remember to during hot cocoa and toast season.

pixiepine said...

I just ordered a box of these, along with some vegan hot cocoa from Cosmo's. I can't WAIT. I have felt all deprived and now I don't have to. La la la!!!!