veganmofo #1: cold udon noodles with peanut sauce and seitan

my girl isa knows from food and her cold peanut noodles have a pavlovian effect on anyone who's ever tasted them. i made a batch last night to share with some friends at an office-watching party and if it weren't for competition from terry's infuckingcredible caesar salad and mrsbadmouth's tempeh wingz, courtesy of ijdi and served with vegan blue cheese dressing (!), i'm sure the "noonoos" would have been the runaway favorite. as it was, i think there was a three-way tie for best foodstuff. nevermind that there were only three foodstuffs on offer because two-thirds of the guests attending were empty-handed freeloaders.

best of all, there were leftovers for lunch today. thanks, eppy!

that said, this week's episode of the office was the star of the evening.
it's true, the eyes ARE the groin of the head.

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