veganmofo#6: a seasonal "dear john"

i had this whole diatribe prepared regarding a quandary i face every year when autumn and winter roll around, but i think it best to cut to the chase. take some time to process this and examine whether or not we can move forward from here. if not, i understand. just know that while i didn't choose this life, i won't accept any pity.
dear cinnamon, sweet potato, and pumpkin,
i think you're all overrated and it annoys me that you insist on forcing your way into otherwise perfectly awesome cold weather dishes.
i hope you won't take this the wrong way*, but you can all suck it.

*the only "wrong way" is the one where you don't all go suck it!


Paula said...

so, i guess we should part ways now? it was nice knowing you.

amy said...

wish i could say the same.


Jordan said...

I'll give you sweet potato and cinnamon, vut you're wrong on the pumpkin front. WRONG.

Isa said...

I'm taking you off the MoFo feed.