veganmofo #13: cransome.

a few years ago, i got a bug for making cranberry sauce for our thanksgiving dinner. i don't have anything against the canned jellied stuff, but it just seemed so easy and i thought fresh cranberry sauce would be so good - it seemed like a waste to put so much effort into a grand meal and then serve that tart cylinder of gunk to go along with it.

i admit that part of the appeal surely was the promise of cooking with grand marnier, because really, i can't imagine i've ever heard a better idea.

it's become my one stand-by on thanksgiving. i usually end up eating with friends, potluck style, so i switch everything else up, but cranberry sauce is a given. i've come to realize that not everyone likes homemade sauce better than canned, but even if i were the only one that ate my crancoction, i'd still make it. i like it that much.

i also add other stuff to my sauce, a supremed, zested orange and lemon and usually a granny smith apple. sometimes pear. a cinnamon stick steeped in the sauce while the cranberries cook, but only for about 30 seconds because, well, i've already covered my cinnamon issues. and, of course, the grand marnier. again, this doesn't suit everyone's fancy. some people prefer a simpler version and i alter its busy-ness with my whims.

i'm having thanksgiving dinner with a cute baby and some adults and i'm bringing my sauce, a seitan/stuffing roulade, some gravy, and maybe some roasted chestnuts. after my crummy work week, though, i needed a lie-down after work today and didn't get around to starting to prep or cook anything until late tonight. making the sauce ahead of time is a must, as it has to rest for a while before serving.

here are the cranberries, simmering away. kind of looks like chili, but whatever.

i'm anxious about making the stuffing and roulade tomorrow morning. stupid biting off more than i can chew!


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Isa said...

I'm a cranberry sauce purist. I hate stuff in it. So sue me. I am sure yours is good though, if you like "stuff."