veganmofo #2: farmer's market bounty

the inwood farmer's market is smallish, but it's close enough to school that i can stop by before or after saturday academy.
today i found the holy grail of cruciferous vegetables: romanesco broccoli.

i'll have it for dinner, though i'm not quite sure how i'll prepare it. i also grabbed some late corn, a bunch of collards, purple & red potatoes, one bigass beet, a rutabaga, and some white turnips.
root vegetables got me going crazy.


Rachel said...

That broccoli is insane! I've never seen anything like it... *stares in awe*

rani said...

romanesco is so pretty. it looks great with your shells too.

Jason Das said...

That is one beautiful pile o foods. And I need to go get me some romanesco. It's just too cool looking.

Also, you have a blog?! Everyone with the new blogs. I hope they (out)last the month.

amy said...

i know, jason, isa already bitched at me for slacking!

let's pretend like i made excuses that were totally buyable, like i work a lot and was too busy cooking to blog about it and stuff, and that you bought those excuses and have replaced me on the pedestal i fell from.