veganmofo #5: it's no dr. pepper.

my mother visited me for a week last month and when we were out shopping for dinner one day, we came across this fentiman's dandelion/burdock soda. she was so excited about it, having not had it since she was a little girl growing up in leeds. we picked one up, but she left a couple of days later without drinking it. (it was passed over repeatedly, in favor of more adult beverages.)

after a long and draining week of work, i found myself needing a DRINK on friday night. having recently given up
booze, embarking on the path of no fun, i thought i'd give this wacky british drink a go.

if you've never had a dandelion/
burdock soda, i think i can sum its flavor up for you:

botanical. vomit.

i tried, mom. i really did.


Isa said...

You are a genius and a natural. My friend, you deserve a book deal!

Jordan said...

You should try spruce beer...