veganmofo #18: cassoulet

monday was cold and rainy...and laundry night. UGH. i've been meaning to make the leek and bean cassoulet from veganomicon for a while now, but finally decided i could wait no more. i need something hot, hearty, and spirit-restoring. it was just the thing!

the stew is seasoned perfectly and even if, like me, you don't cook the carrots quite enough because you are getting goddamned impatient and they come out a little firm to the tooth, on its own it would be enough to counteract the stresses of a dreary workday. BUT they're not alone and it's the biscuits that really take center stage in this dish. they're simple to prepare, cook right on top of the stew in 15 minutes or so, and rocket this meal to the outer stratospheres of delectableness. i only found out after the fact, from esme, that the correct way to make this cassoulet is with a double batch of biscuits so you can have a dough-filled maw the whole way through. mmm. whether you stick to the recipe religiously or go for the full-on-biscuit-fest, this is a dish that will get you through many an unforgiving blizzardy night. bring it, old man winter!


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Sounds like a great meal :)

Paula said...

I want!

would it be good if it was semicircular?

jmj said...

This is a superb blog! Lots of great dishes. Brilliant blog name by the way; made me laugh out loud. "This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!"