veganmofo #14: willsgiving.

the seitan roulade i made turned out like crap, i think because i hate the vegetable base i used to make a broth for baking it in. i should have trusted my instinct and used the homemade stock i have in the freezer!

i also made stuffing which, although a bit dry, tasted mostly awesome. too bad it was rolled up in that yucky roulade.

all the other dishes were super good, though, and i ate only one reasonable plateful, just enough to fill me up but not make me feel like i was going to burst.

statement of control! statement of control!

i could not, however, control myself from oohing and aahing over the cutest baby this side of the mason-dixon line. it was all i could do to pry myself away from him when it came time to leave. to make up for my disappointing account of an even-more-disappointing roulade, here's sheila, confirming that her son is indeed good enough to eat. and, for good measure, the little man's take on the traditional post-thanksgiving-dinner ritual.


Isa said...

Oh man, now that Max hates me, Will is so the cutest.

Paula said...

Cutest babysgiving ever!

I need to get better about reading your blog, so that you will read mine when i finally start it.