veganmofo #8: the sincerest form of flattery

imitation, right? i had a lovely meal at candle 79 on saturday night, made even lovelier by the company, and was surprisingly bowled over by the wild mushroom trio appetizer. i'm a latecomer to mushroom appreciation, but the prospect of cornmeal crusted oyster mushrooms with a horseradish cream (holy fuck) had me drooling. i loved that third of the trio, but i was really smitten with a little pile of warm scallion-curry-mushroom business. i don't think anyone else liked it as much as i did, probably because mushrooms are so old hat to them that any mushroom dish has got to be stellar to impress. what i'm really saying, in this veiled language of judginess, is that i have a fresh outlook on fungi that my friends lack. there, i said it. it's been lying just under the surface for so long, it was only a matter of time before i had to drop that bomb. deal with it.
::makes 'talk to the hand' gesture*::

*also known as 'giving the hand', but that might be a regional colloquialism.

so tonight, i decided to attempt a recreation of the holiest of the trinity by sauteeing some shiitakes and a portabella with scallions and some curry. on the cooking scale of difficulty, it falls just above ants on a log (because it involves heat and has one more ingredient). it came out pretty good, though not as sublime as candle's. it's pictured here on my math text bookshelf. also note my perpetual calendar.

glad i decided to cook this tonight because i made shells & cheeze and i think my nooch is off because they came out kind of like crap. so i had this nice, light dish for dinner and tomorrow i'll go back to caesar salad and pumpkin ziti for all my meals.

the downside is that now all i smell is curry. did i mention that curry powder used to be in my culinary crosshairs? yeah, we've made peace.


Isa said...

Did Richard Dawkins like it?

amy said...

he did!

also, he prefers to be called rickykins.