veganmofo#12: sofa, so good.

after a grueling day of parent-teacher conferences, it took all the energy i could muster upon arriving home to take a hot bath and park myself on the couch for a solid night of work avoidance. so glad i had the prescience to bring food and drink with me. my sofaside dinner:

woodchuck granny smith cider - i've (mostly) quit drinking, so i need to get these out of the fridge anyway. plus, my back hurts. so it's like a karate chop one-two.

sabra hummus with roasted pine nuts - my favorite prepared hummus. it's so creamy and delicious; the only way i can see it being improved upon would be if the manufacturers would throw in JUST A FEW MORE pignoli.

trader joe's soy pita - got these for the first time when i ventured out to TJ's on my great candy cane joe-joe hunt. they're chewier than traditional pitas and provide 11g of protein per serving. or 22g, if you are a normal person and realize that one full pita is one serving.

i should tag this post "totally pathetic," but i poured my heart out yesterday! and also, i'm flippin' exhausted, i have to put together a test for my squirrelly algebra students, and i'd rather be singing along to "i don't like mondays," so this is the best i can do for now.

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