veganmofo #7: redemption

okay, so maaaaybe i shouldn't have said those awful things about pumpkin before trying this pumpkin ziti from veganomicon.

the pasta is mixed with a cashew ricotta-pumpkin mixture that is super savory and caramelized onions. it's divine. for real. then it's topped with lots of crunchy, nutty bread crumbs. it really is the perfect cold weather casserole. i have to give it up to terry, once again, for concocting this dish, because it made my mouth and belly so freaking happy.

in retrospect, i realize my comments about pumpkin may have been made in haste. it hit me while i was caramelizing slices of a big ol' onion.

when i was a kid, the prospect of eating even the tiniest sliver of onion was enough to turn me off a meal, no matter how hungry i was.

it took some time, but i guess when i started branching out and becoming an adventurous eater, i grew to love onions - more cooked than raw, but i can take them any way now.

i ESPECIALLY love a thick slice of vidalia onion caramelized in a grill pan, served alongside bbq tofu, mashed potatoes, and some garlicky, lemony dark greens. that strikes me a warm-weather meal, but it's one of my favorites so i'll eat it no matter what the weather.

but that's neither here nor there. my point is that i judged harshly yesterday, said some rash things that i'm now regretting, and i realize that i should have known better. have i learned NOTHING since i came to forgive my mom for making macaroni and cheese and putting onions in it, which made my 10-year-old self so sick i puked into the kitchen sink, all over the clean dishes? (i mean, have i learned anything deeper than to aim for the dirty side, of course.) i was wrong about onions, so it's possible i short-changed pumpkin. i can admit my mistake. and i don't mind eating crow, if "crow" means oatmeal raisin cookies from terry and isa's cookie test kitchen (WITH CINNAMON!), because it turns out crow is actually pretty goddamned delicious and perfectly spiced.

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