veganmofo #4: pancakes and self-destruction

for no reason in particular, i went a long time without making pancakes. i've examined the situation and, really, i can only up with one lame explanation: i'm self-destructive.

i can recall plenty of instances when i did/ate something that i knew would come back to haunt me. on the odd occasion i'd catch myself doing something fulfilling and supportive to my body/mind, i'd ask "why don't i [whatever it is] more often?" it's like i don't think i'm worthy of being happy or satisfied or something and if i ever managed to spur myself to seek out professional help, i'm sure i could blow my yet-to-be-conceived children's college funds in therapy trying to figure out why.

last weekend, i took on the task of making brunch for my friend sheila and her husband, dave, because i pretty much have to bribe them to let me hang out with their deliciously handsome little man, william.

anyway, cooking brunch is a small price to pay to hang out with this awesome kid, so i planned to whip up a simple tofu scramble, fry up some tempeh bacon, and make a batch of pancakes. i really wasn't satisfied with the pancakes. i was surprised by the realization that making pancakes is not, as legend goes, like riding a bicycle. i guess i...forgot how to do it? i don't know, i used their nonstick skillet, which i'm not used to, so that could have been part of the problem. it might have been an issue of insufficient heat, too. i was just kind of bummed out because i hear that pancakes can be anxiety-inducing for some people but i consider them pretty simple fare and if i don't screw up making seitan or cupcakes, how in the hell can i fuck up pancakes? (to be honest, i would really like to attribute this failure to cooking at a higher altitude than i'm used to, as dave and sheila live on the 8th floor of their building and i'm street-level.)

this weekend i set about trying to figure out what i'd done wrong. the first few pancakes of my batch were utter crap, but i hit my stride at the batter's midpoint. i'm still having some issues with cook temp and, oddly, my cast iron skillet, but i think i'm almost ready to make 'cakes without training wheels*.

progress made, exhibit A:

*i say "almost" because i did get a little overambitious today and made lemony pancakes, which turned out to be not quite the bright light i was hoping for.

i'd better slow my roll.

one foot in front of the other.

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Isa said...

Weird, my pancakes came out perfect yesterday. I wonder why?