veganmofo #3: the intersection of mathematics and dinner

i was wary of doing too much to the romanesco, lest i strip it of its defining beauty, so i went on the hunt for a simple dish that would allow me to use florets. i found a mario batali recipe for orrechiette with broccoli and chickpeas, which i modified slightly. behold, shells with romanesco and chickpeas.

(what? you want i should say i made a cheap version of mario's dish? first, do you know how it feels to be low-budgeting a guy that wears orange crocs? on the other hand, if you knew orrechiette is $4 at my deli, would you judge me harshly for passing on it? and C, let's face it, i wasn't about to walk an extra half-block without a guarantee that i would find what i was after!)

i balanced my plate with more leftovers from last night, the awe-inspiring caesar salad with roasted garlic croutons from veganomicon. normally, i wouldn't even consider eating leftover salad that had already been dressed, but this batch held up okay overnight. the croutons lost their crunch, but i used a nice, chewy bread to make them, so they still held their own. i've pretty much been eating this salad twice a day for the last couple of weeks. my waistline owes terry a huge debt of gratitude. for reals, i love that woman.


Isa said...

That's what they call you Half Block. Everything looks really really loverly. And that reminds me, you haven't cooked anything for me in, like, 7 years. I forgot that you could cook.

Gwenlet said...

That is one intensely mathematical vegetable. Did it taste good?

amy said...

it did, gwenlet! it's got cauliflower's denser texture and tastes mostly broccoliesque.

it gets an A+ AND a gold star.

PamelaCooks said...

that first dish terrifies me but the 2nd one looks nice.