veganmofo #10: minty. fresh!

we've had a couple of warmier days here in NYC this week, but it seems like tonight might have been the night when winter staked its claim. i didn't even wear a jacket to school this morning, but by the time i got home and walked the dogs around 5:00, i was super chilly in jeans, a sweater, and a hoodie.

it was also kind of rainy and i realized on my walk home that someone else was going to be doing the cooking tonight. anyone but me. well, that anyone turned out to be the good souls at number one chinese kitchen, the only chinese restaurant within spitting distance that's not bulletproof. but that is neither here nor there.

when i was shopping for last night's dinner, i stumbled upon some awesome treats at ye olde HFS. i found myself unable to resist the lure of minty newman-Os and almost peed my pants when i realized they had chocolate peppermint vitasoy, which i had only heard tale of but never seen in the wild. although dinner had been out of my reach tonight, i felt fully confident that dessert was something i could handle.

behold, my wintry post-meal treat.

it was just what i needed to take the edge off the bitterness outside my windows the heat is hissing, i've got a dog warming my feet...life could be so much worse.


Vegyogini said...

I LOVE Chocolate Peppermint VitaSoy!! If you have a chance to get to Trader Joe's quickly, their Candy Cane Joe-Joe's (fake Oreos) are out and they are amazingly good. I've heard that they only make one batch, though, so once they're gone for the season, they're gone until this time next year. :)

amy said...

i might have bought four boxes of CCJJs this weekend, but i'm not really at liberty to either confirm or deny. ::munch::